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Since our inception, GB Medal Boards
has been totally focused on building a range of medal display boards that people can hang their hard earn medals from with pride.  
I tried to buy a Medal Board to display my wife's running medals and couldn't find one I liked so I made one. Everybody that visited the house said how good they looked and I should sell them.  I had to modify them for mass production and purchase custom made stencils which improved their quality and the business grew from there.
I love cycling and with the big boom decided to make a medal board for sportive medal collectors. I got a little side tracked with other orders and designs which were requested.  A lot of people are competing in a variety of sports which reward their hard work and dedication with a medal.  Don't put it in a drawer, display it with pride.
I have finally completed the cyclist medal board and all of them are available in my shop on the website.  I am constantly receiving requests from other sports so the range is constantly expanding.  

The first medal board I made was a personalised swimming board and since I have made them tailor made for gymnasts, runners, cyclists, trampolinists, roller skaters, tennis players and triathletes. 

Check us out on Twitter @GB_Medal_Boards and please like GB Medal Display Boards on
Thank you for your interest.  I hope you find something you like, if there are any alterations to are standard range, you would like please contact me and we will see what we can do.
Triathlon Range
Cycling Range
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